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If you grew up whistling along to ‘Tip Top's the one’ or ‘you ought to be congratulated’ you know very well the power of music to increase brand awareness. Some of the biggest brands are built on the back of a catchy jingle. Think about Harvey Norman or Clive Peeters. These are easy to sing and remember.

Allan Miller Media Pty Ltd partner Brand Music led by melody maker Michael Burrows and his team have been writing and producing award winning jingles and sonic branding for a wide range of brands throughout the world. With 30 seconds to make an impression, a top and tail jingle will dramatically boost the awareness and frame your important message and information perfectly.

There are jingle packages to suit all markets and budgets. As a special partnership between Allan Miller Media and Brand Music, we are excited to offer an exclusive regional jingle package that gives you a pro sound jingle package for extremely budget rates:

$1500 + GST

  • Full jingle package
  • Regional license, Australia wide 
  • 30 sec top and tail
  • 30 sec tail
  • 30 sec instrumental
  • Ring tone sting


  1. Fill out our online brief by clicking here
  2. One of our melody makers will contact you to help develop a jingle brief.
  3. ($250 + GST demo fee) Lets us to get on with making some music, we repeat this until you are satisfied.
  4. Upon approval, pay the balance and we’ll send you the jingle via email or on CD.
  5. Your brand becomes well known and your customers can sing the words.

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