Film & Video Services

Allan Miller Fast Voiceovers video and film transfer service can copy your old film and videos to DVD. We can transfer the following formats to DVD: 

$15.00 AUD (plus GST) per hour or part thereof + DVD:

  • Betamax (HiFi & Mono) 
  • VHS
  • VHSC
  • Digitial 8 
  • 8mm Video
  • Hi 8 Video
  • Umatic video
  • Betacam 

$30.00AUD (plus GST) per running hour or part thereof + DVD:

  • Super 8 film 
  • Standard 8mm film
  • 16mm film

$50.00 AUD (plus GST) per hour or part thereof + DVD:

  • 1/2'' Open Reel Video
  • Philips VCR Coaxial N1500 & N1700 Cassettes
  • 9.5mm Pathe film

DVD Media

  • DVD Blank inc. cover $5.00 (plus GST) each. 

Film Editing

  • Need your video or film trimmed or professionally edited? 

Contact us for a free quote and how we can help you transfer you old film and video to DVD.