It is with much regret that we have found it necessary to not only charge new clients upfront (which also slows down our otherwise fast process) but also to name some of the worst offenders as far as not paying their accounts.   This short list is there simply as a warning to other business - if you must do business with these people please charge upfront.  

Dene Broadbelt


Dene Broadbelt (AKA Dene Broadbent, Harry O'Connor, Dean Mussillon, Nick Lloyd, Clay O'Connor, Claye O'Connor, Dene Morgan, Harrison O'Connor, Harrison Eyles, Luke Hemmings).

Companies run by him who have outstanding accounts include Aquaholic Photography, Sly Creative Group, Pulse Music Management which appear to come under the One 11 Agency banner.  Most recently Meriton Estate agents Pty Ltd, as of October 2017, can be added to the long line.  The contact that time was Alex Normandin.

More details can be easily found by googling any of his names.




Rabbit And Carrot

Address is listed as Level 1, 104 Silver Key Building Deira, PO Box 13529, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Invoice has been outstanding since 2012 despite regular assurances that it would be finalized.

Contacts dealt with were Danish Hassan (danish @ and Akber Ali (maaq @




Hype FM/Barrier Media Services




Chris Philips

Address is listed as PO Box 98 Broken Hill, NSW, 2880.

Many invoices, over many months, remain outstanding despite a court ruling to finalize the account.

Main contact/owner Jamie Tumanic (Jamie @




Very long runaround re sending & leaving messages.  Phone no longer connected, but webpage still seems to be up and running.  Beware...